05-Architecture Governance

  1. Delivering Value to every one ( Employees, Customers, Stake Holders, Share Holders, Partners )
  2. Regulatory Compliance ( Following law to ensure that Business Continues )
  3. Managing Risk and measuring performance

Levels of Governance

  1. Corporate Governance
  2. EA Governance
  3. IT Governance

Enterprise Architecture Governance Its all about Management and Control of All Aspects of Development and Evolution of EA and any other Architecture with in the Enterprise when we talk about EA Governance, its important to even consider Corporate, IT, Technology and Architecture Governance all together Enterprise Architecture Scope EA Scope is for complete life cycle of IT and Business EA Governance Framework manages all Content relevant to Architecture and Architecture Governance process

Architecture Board

Some of their Key Result Areas are 1. Consistency between sub architectures 2. Identify Re-usable components 3. Enforcement of Architectural Compliance, Ensure architecture based development is done / adopted 4. The sponsoring body for most architecture activities 5. Production of usable governance material and activities 6. Escalating out of bound decisions Architecture Principles

  1. They form the basis for future for IT Decisions
  2. Related to Business Objectives and Architecture Drivers

Some of Architecture Principles examples are Compliance with Law, Pro Open standards , Usage of only Licensed Softwares if required, IT Decisions will have to have Firm Business Objectives behind them.

Architecture Capability Framework


  1. Business Operations – Sets Priorities to Project / Portfolio Governance Team
  2. Project / Portfolio Governances Team sets “Contract” with Project / Portfolio “Execution” Team
  3. Project / Portfolio Team requests “Talented and Skilled” Human Resources from the Resource Pool
  4. Resource Pool Manager might Assign specific roles and responsibilities to “Architecture Professionals” and ask them to get trained on necessary skills and knowledge following an Org Process
  5. This Skilled and Knowledge Arch Professionals participate in the Contract to deliver “Business Solutions” to Business Operations


  1. Governance Body governs the Entire process starting from Above steps 1 to 5
  2. Re-usable building Blocks and Deliverables are dumped into Architecture Repository
  3. Architecture Repository might also use the Enterprise Continuum Artifacts

Iteration to the ADM

If you plan to iterate over the ADM here are the iterations 1. Architecture Context Iteration = Preliminary + Architecture Vision phase (Approach , Principles, Scope and Vision Iterations) 2. Architecture Definition Iteration = BA + ISA + TA + O and S + MP 3. Transition planning = Opportunity Solution + Migration planning 4. Architecture Governance Iteration = Implementation Governance + Architecture Change Management    

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