12-Migration Planning

Migration planning phase


  • To ensure that Migration and Implementation plans are in line with any other plans already under going so that there are no multiple implementations and migrations happening at same time
  • Do a cost versus business benefit analysis
  • Prioritize Implementation and Migration , taking dependencies into consideration
  • Finalize Architecture vision and architecture definition documents ( so far they getting drafted and edited , now it has to be final )
  • Provide necessary resources

Steps to be followed in this phase

  • Assign Business value for each implementation project
  • Estimate Delivery vehicles, Resource requirement, timelines and budgets
  • Create Architecture implementation road map ( Action v/s time )
  • Document “Lessons Learnt”


The inputs of Phase F are:

  • Request for Architecture work
  • Capability Assessment
  • Communication Plan
  • SOW and Architecture Vision Document
  • Architecture Repository
  • Migration plan and Impact analysis (Draft)



The outputs of Phase F are:

  • Implementation and Migration Plan detailed
  • Finalize on Architecture Vision , Architecture Definition Document, Architecture Requirement Specifications,
  • Transition Architecture
  • Re-usable ABBs
  • Implementation Governance Model
  • Change requests from Lessons learnt

Migration Planning Techniques

1. Implementation factor Assessment and Deduction Matrics A Factor , Description, Deduction (Impact on Migration) e.g Factor : Leave Approval Process Automation Description : Implementation of Leave management system so that Leaves get Approved and is easily linked to payroll system Deduction : Need to train employees and their managers on using Leave Automation Software and Approval Process in details, Reduces human errors linking to leave and payments 2. Gaps, potential solutions dependency matrix Gaps : Leave Management Process not linked with payroll Potential Solution : Expose leave taken web services to payroll software so that this is automated Dependency : Exposing Service layer for other applications, not done so far due to security reasons 3. Business value risk assessment techniques High Risk , High Value , Low Risk , High Value , Project size graphs

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Reference http://www.opengroup.org/architecture/togaf9-doc/arch/chap28.html