16-Requirement Management

Requirement Management phase


  • Store requirements coming from Enterprise,
  • Prioritize the requirements , and keep the requirements updated and mapped to business
  • Make the requirements available for all the phases of ADM

Steps to be followed in this phase

  • Baseline Requirements
  • Manage ( Add /Edit / Remove ) Requirements
  • Asses impact of Requirement changes on Previous and Current ADM


The inputs are:

  • Changes in Business creates new Requirements
  • Sometimes the very cause of entering new ADM phase is due to previously uncompleted requirements



The outputs are:

  • Requirement change triggers action on which phase of ADM for example change in Technology as the current technology is out dated might trigger a Technology Architecture phase of ADM
  • Make time , cost, business matrices on Requirement changes

Requirement Impact Analysis

Changes in requirement means there is changes in Architecture and impact on other delivery projects

  • Stakeholder priorities with respect to requirements
  • ADM phases likely to be revisited
  • Prioritizing the requirements
  • Recommendations from management on requirements

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