setting up Oracle Analytics Cloud Instance and Data Visualization Techniques


The goal of this blog is to setup Oracle cloud analytics cloud – platform as a service instance, be able to login to Analytics cloud web interface , export website data as a data source and create visualization with that data.

Special Thanks to VIkas Raina for his inputs in setting up the Instance

Blog Author : Madhusudhan Rao

Start by creating storage container

Access Storage Classic from the cloud dashboard and just create a container

Make Note of Permanent REST Endpoint URL from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Classic Console 

This should look something like this

Create Oracle Database Instance – Enterprise Edition 

Make note of DB User Passwords, this would be required later

Create Analytics cloud Instance

Select the newly created Enterprise Edition Database

the password for storage container is same as what you logged into cloud dashboard while creating the storage container

the most important of all is storage container URL, which will be of format

permanent rest url/containername

After few mins this should complete the creation of analytics cloud instance

Once the instance has been created your should be able to view Web URL of Analytics cloud instance, 

since this is access though an IP address , you will get security exception from the browser which you can ignore and proceed


Once logged in you can start working with samples

create your own connection 

There are connection adapters for the following or you can simply upload an XLS file

Playing with data and visualization for my Blog hit reports

Easy create measurements based on forumulas , example distinct count of countries in the database list

Horizontal Bar chart with Filters being setup on various conditions

You can easily change visualization type

Pie chart reports

Heat Map Reports