Setting up MySQL PaaS on Oracle Cloud

Sign in to My Services page Check Access to MySQL Platform as a Service


login to and select My Services , your domain name should match the one that was received in the email


In the dashboard check access to MySQL Cloud Service, the Usual URL will be something like this 


Create Storage Container

Click on Storage Classic and Create a Storage Container, it should look something like this

Your storage URL will then be 

Create MySQL Instance

from the Dashboard Select MySQL PaaS, Click on Create Instance

You can use Putty to Generate key or you can simply let the cloud UI generate the Key and download

Provide the storage details and root password

Confirm the details

This should create MySQL PaaS Instance in few minutes with a Public IP


Make a Note of Public IP Address, Start the Services

Access Rules :

By default port 3306 is closed for public access, you would need to open this by selecting Access Rules Icon and Enable it

Access the Instance from Outside

Download MySQL workbench from 

Install MySQL Workbench, Create Connection and Test It

Click on Connect and Root password will be asked

Create table and test it