Oracle BPM 12c features

Business architecture and business process together

BPM 12c has tightly coupled Business Architecture ( Business Process Analysis / BPA ) with Business Process (BPM) , that is to say you can first create an Organization Business Architecture and Map it to Business Process – also the link those to goals and strategies of an Organization , this is something that covers the complete Bigger Picture of Oracle Enterprise Architecture


business architecture using bpa

BPM 12c composer allows Enterprise Architecture create Complete BA project that includes Enterprise Map, Strategy Map and Value chain Model let us take a real life example of Acme Corp, who have diversified business in DTH (Direct to Home) TV, Broadband Services ( Internet Service Provider) currently they are at No 4 they would soon like to reach No 2 position and beat their competitors , let us try to create a BA for them. for that first we would need to create Space with in BPM composer


click on the new space to view the detail map


Enterprise MAP

BPM 12c allows us to create Enterprise Map , EM is a part of Business Architecture that allows us to define various value chains within an Organization , let us look into Acme Corps EMap


A Typical Enterprise Map can consist of various lines of business that works towards enterprise goals , management and support teams that work towards those key business focus areas. so the corresponding E Map looks as below , it can also add more lanes and processes


Its also worth making a note that each of these above boxes can be linked to value chain diagrams and organization units as shown below


Value chain diagrams

BPM 12c allows us to create Value chain diagrams as a part of Business Architecture, As per TOGAF 9A Value Chain diagram provides a high-level orientation view of an enterprise and how it interacts with the outside world. In contrast to the more formal Functional Decomposition diagram developed within Phase B (Business Architecture), the Value Chain diagram focuses on presentational impact. The purpose of this diagram is to quickly on-board and align stakeholders for a particular change initiative, so that all participants understand the high-level functional and organizational context of the architecture engagement.”


We can also create a Business process and link that process to a value chain step, for example you might want to have complete end to end business process for a customer applying for a new DTH connection , or a complete customer support process.


Here we link DTH New Customer Application to Value chain model , this is where BA connects with BPM using Oracle BPM 12c


Business strategy mode

As per TOGAF 9 “Enterprise Strategy Model may be used to represent the Enterprise situation accurately and realistically for both past and future views. This can be based on Business Motivation Modeling (BMM) which allows developing, communicating and managing a Strategic Plan. Another possibility is the use of Business Model Canvas which allows the company to develop and sketch out new or existing business models.


Strategy Model Another way of representing the relationship between Business Architecture artifacts is via a Strategy model which encapsulates an organization’s business goals, objectives and metrics . The metrics define the success factors for achieving the goals and objectives. The Strategy Model is used for creating, editing, and linking the Business Architecture assets. BPM 12c allows Business Architect to create Strategy Map , Incase of Acme corp value chains can be linked with Organization Goals, Strategy and Objectives Screenshot-9

Business process modeling on BPM Composer

BPM 12c allows a Modeler or a Process Analyst to Design End to End Process, and this can be implemented by a Process Developer, let us design a complete process using BPM Composer , The process will basically allow a customer / prospect to apply for broadband connection from Acme corp.


process development by process developer

BPM 12c allows a process developer to connect to a process design using a PAM connection to BPM composer and actually start implementing this process , Using JDeveloper 12c would be a handy approach when you would need to integrate with multiple services or Oracle Service Bus. Create New BPM Project with No BPM Process , then create a New PAM connection that connects to Acme Spaces and Acme BPM Process Space




adaptive case management

BPM 12c has improvised on 11g feature of Adaptive Case Management [ACM] , Some times the process cannot be pre defined and can be ad hock , might need to routed to multiple teams and associate multiple documents , in those cases ACM is used, Real life example of ACM is when customer background verificiation is done by a third party and they would actually need to visit the customer location and check the documents provided by the customer , incase of home loan there might be a need to do a Police verification of the person who has requested for a home loan, so in such cases ACM can be used.

KEY performance indicators

BPM 12c allows a the process modeler to configure Key Performance Indicators on a given process, also these KPIs can be mapped to targets to be achieved for example the Management might be interested to know

  • how many people have applied for new DTH connection in last 30 days ?
  • what is the revenue generated by High Speed connection ?
  • comparison between high speed and normal speed DTH connections ?

These measurements allow the Process Modeler to fine tune the process if required or change business rules to make new offers to the customer