Webcenter UCM Integration PS5

Oracle Webcenter UCM Integration PS5

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If you are upgrading Oracle fusion middleware from earlier version of Oracle Webcenter and UCM , here are some changes and Integration is done little different than previous releases.

Change in Name : Oracle Webcenter is now called Webcenter Portal. Enterprise Content Management is now called as Webcenter Content

Download and install

You need following downloads and Install them in the following Order. I would not be touching on installation of these products its straight forward please read the installation guides. this blog would be more focused on getting UCM and Webcenter working together with Single sign on.

  1. JRockit Mission Control 4.1 ( I had challenges running ./startWeblogic with JRockit on Ubuntu AMD 64 Machine , had to use Sun JDK jdk1.6.0_30 )
  2. Oracle WebLogic Server 12c (12.1.1)
  3. Repository Creation Utility
  4. Oracle WebCenter Portal 11g Installations 11g R1 (
  5. Oracle WebCenter Content 11g R1 Part 1 of 2
  6. Oracle WebCenter Content 11g R1 Part 2 of 2

Weblogic console – configurations

Login to Weblogic Console at http://localhost:7001/console/ with weblogic as username. click on domain name in our case its wc_domain,

Select Security -> Embedded LDAP tab as shown below. In the credential give “welcome1” or whatever password that you wish but remember it. click on SAVE button.

enterprise manager – configurations

In the enterprise manager http://localhost:7001/em there are some changes in PS5 release compared to earlier ones especially in the left Navigation.

Configuring Content Server , In the IP filter give *.*.*.* , Intradoc Server port as 4444

Configuring Webcenter  , please follow the below configuration as shown in the figure and “TEST” it , note that the RIDC type is SOCKET, Port 4444, Context Root /cs

Go to EM  http://localhost:7001/em
In left navigation tree click on SOA node->soa-infra (soa_server1 or Admin Server)
On the right panel,
click on the “Soa Infrastructure” -> “SOA Adminstration” -> “Workflow Config”.

please refer the below picture.
On the “Workflow Task Service Properties” page click on
“More Workflow Taskservice Configuration Properties… “ at the bottom
On this page, select node select:
-> Application Defined MBeans -> oracle.as.soainfra.config
-> Server: AdminServer ->  WorkflowConfig -> human-workflow (Select this node)
then on the right panel, select “UcmIdcUrl”.
Set value pointing to UCM server as idc://localhost:4444
( if its some other IP or Port – please change it as it suits your system)

Right Click on soa_domain (or any domain name where BPM and SOA has been configured)
Go to -> Weblogic Domain-><Your Domain>
Select Security->Credentials
On this page, click on “Create map”.
Enter “WF-ADMIN-USER” for the map name.
Now click on “Create Key”. Make sure, WF-ADMIN-USER is selected for map
in the popup dialog.
Enter WF-ADMIN-CREDENTIAL for key name.
Enter weblogic / welcome1 of user with admin privilege on UCM server.

If you dont do all that , you might get Error Message such as

Document Store not available. Please configure the document store.”

ucm configurations

Go to Advanced Component Manager


In the Disabled Components Select “folders_g” and click on Enable. Save

Next go to and add
Open $UCM_HOME/config/config.cfg
and ensure that it has the following line:

Go to Component Manager


Un-check – “Framework Folders”

Check – “Webcenter Configure”, “Inbound Refinery Support”, “Dynamic Converter”

Update and Restart UCM Managed Server

Login to Webcenter Content at http://localhost:16200/cs , Expand Administration, Click on Providers, Under create new provider add Embedded ldap

this should be as shown below and needs a restart and test it to work fine

Update and Restart UCM Managed Server and Webcenter Portal Managed Server (UCM_server1 and WC_Spaces) both of them

Error Message : if you dont do all the above steps during Content Server start up you can get the below error message

… calling service COLLECTION_GET_ADMIN_MARKED_CONFIG, as user sysadmin, at timestamp , recieved status code -32. …

VERIFY Content integration at both wc and ucm

Login to Webcenter click on Documents, you should be able to view content repository and check in documents directly from webcenter portal into webcenter content

create new wiki document

Check for the document in Webcenter Content

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