04 Creating Oracle Kubernetes Cluster

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Access Container Clusters

Create Cluster


Name: Enter a unique name for your cluster such as “kubecluster2” ( you can use any name since this was my twelfth cluster named it 2)

Version: Select the latest version ( v1.11.1)
VCN: Select “kubevcn
Kubernetes Service LB Subnets: Select the two load balancer subnets (loadbalancer-1, loadbalancer-2)
Kubernetes Service CIDR Block:
Pods CIDR Block:

Kubernetes Dashboard Enabled : checked
Helm Enabled : checked


Name: Enter a unique name for your node pool such as “Kubenpool
Version: v1.11.1
Image: Oracle-Linux-7.5
Shape: VM.Standard1.2
Subnets: Select the three workers subnets (worker-1, worker-2, worker-3)
Quantity Per Subnet: 1
Public SSH Key: Copy the content of your SSH Public Key

Click Create

Node Pools with Auto Generated Public IPs

What Next >> Downloading a kubeconfig File to Enable Cluster Access