Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – OCI Creating buckets and object storage – setting up self expiry URLs

Objective : We will create a Storage Bucket , Store a PDF file as an Object , Share the file for a specific duration

Create Bucket :

Select Storage and click on Create Bucket, All Objects will be under a storage bucket

We will create a Bucket by name MyFirstBucket

You can define the Bucket access as Public or Private

You can Upload an Object like a PDF file

The Uploaded Object will 2 parts 1) Data ( PDF File ) and 2) Meta Data associated with the Object example

Name: Swiggy_Bill.pdf
URL Path (URI):
a457995/b/MyFirstBucket/o/Swiggy_Bill.pdf Storage Tier: Standard Size: 134.0 KB Content Type: application/pdf Content Length: 137234 Content MD5 Hash: +TGs0EJovPU7fAFgEw7YPg== accept-ranges: bytes eTag: 6CDBBC7C91980703E053424BC10A7269 Last Modified: Wed, 23 May 2018 08:04:18 GMT

You can now download the Object with the Download URL

You can also create Pre-Authentication Link , with an expiry date after which the link will not download the object

Users can just copy paste the link to their browser to download the content

What Next ? Setting up NAT Instances , Protecting back end servers