Oracle JET Series

Happy new year 2020, Large Enterprises are using Oracle JET to not only build their Web Applications but also Native Mobile Applications – OJET Combines with Apache Cordova to deliver rich set of Mobile Native features , OJET has 100s of re-usable components, My 13 part OJET Video Series covers almost all the important concepts of Oracle JET Web and Mobile Application Development – if you/ your team are looking into building next generation of Web and Mobile Apps – i would recommend the following video series which covers

  • 01. Oracle JET Introduction
  • 02 Oracle JET Install Command line interface and Basic Template
  • 03 Oracle JET Composite Components
  • 04 Oracle JET Use cases – Associated View Component
  • 05 Oracle JET Paging Control – Paging Table
  • 06 Oracle JET Swipe to reveal (Touch devices)
  • 07 Oracle JET Visualisation Tree-map Component
  • 08 Oracle JET Visualisation – Time Axis – Data Grid Component
  • 09 Oracle JET Table Tree Data Sort Component
  • 10 Oracle JET List View Sort & Filter Component
  • 11 Oracle JET Collection row based data grid with REST API
  • 12 Oracle JET Master Detail Component
  • 13 Oracle JET running Application on IOS Device and Simulators
Youtube Video Series  

Please Note : These videos are un-edited so if there are issues with audio or video quality please ignore – this is purely for learning purpose , I would highly recommend you to follow official documentation 

Github JET Source Link  

Github PHP based REST API

Oracle JET Official Documentation

Author Madhusudhan Rao