15 Change Management

Architecture Change Management phase


  • Ensure that the Implemented solution meets the business goals and business purpose
  • Now the Architecture which started as target architecture will become the baseline architecture for future reference
  • Operate the Governance framework

Steps to be followed in this phase

  • Deploy monitoring tools
  • Manage Risks
  • Start on Change Requests ( or Change Requirements ) if the Business Demands it or Business has considerably changed
  • Activate Change management Process



The inputs of Phase H are:

  • Request for Architecture work
  • Capability Assessment
  • Communication Plan
  • SOW and Architecture Vision Document
  • Architecture Repository, Architecture requirement specification , Architecture Road-map
  • Migration plan and Implementation plan
  • Change Request due to Technology or Business changes
  • Compliance Assessment
  • Change Requests due to Lessons learn or Architecture Governance committee feedback


The outputs of Phase H are:

  • Architecture Updates
  • Changes to Framework and Principles
  • New Request for initiating ADM cycle
  • Architecture Contract – Updated if necessary

Architecture Change Request

It might possible that business has changed drastically , there might be new mergers and acquisition’s, technology might have changed, or the exisiting architecture might no longer help the current business trends in such cases an Architecture change request is suggested , which might lead to re-visiting ADM completely Description and Rationale of proosed change

  • Description and rationale of proposed change
  • Reference to specific major requirement
  • Changes in Stake holder priorities
  • Impact assessment due to change request

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