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About the Author TOGAF Reference Model = Technical Reference Model [TRM] + Integrated Information Infrastructure Reference Model [III RM]

Technical Reference Model [TRM]- AAA U Services

TRM creates a common vocabulary structure between all participants be they Architects or QA – QC Guys or Business people. they might not understand “Application Server where a business process was deployed is gone down” but they definitely can understand that the “Business System is not Highly Available” 🙂 , because it takes some learning to understand what are HTTP Servers , APP Servers , Database servers etc.. TRM Services include

  • Availability – Manageability, Recoverability, Locatability, Performance, Reliability, Serviceability
  • Adaptability – Security, Integrity, Credibility
  • Assurance – Interoperability, Scalability, Extensibility, Portability
  • Usability – Usage Experience, Internationalization

when we are talking about “Qualities” in Architecture Development we are essentially meaning non functional requirements , Because stake holders might NOT come to you and express concerns directly about Usability or Scalability to drive their business, But as a good Architect you understand them that Qualities of good Architecture include the above TRM Services

Integrated Information Infrastructure – Reference Model – [IIIRM]

One of the major challenges architects face is Information should not have boundaries , It must be available always and extensible to any extent, IIIRM helps doing that ,
Shows the continous flow of Information Between Information Producers and Consumer Applications , Managed and Monitored by IT, at the same time the Information flow works with in the boundary of Security , SLA , Management Policies and Mobility

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