Oracle OSB 11g

About Oracle service bus 11gr1 

Oracle Service Bus is a proven, lightweight and scalable SOA integration platform that delivers low-cost, standards-based integration for high-volume, mission critical SOA environments. It is designed to connect, mediate, and manage interactions between heterogeneous services, legacy applications, packaged applications and multiple enterprise service bus (ESB) instances across an enterprise-wide service network. Oracle Service Bus provides built-in management and monitoring capabilities and supports out-of-the-box integration with SOA Governance products.


usecase and working with osb

Login to EM , Copy the URL of our Enqueue BPEL process , that we developed in previous chapter

Copy paste the URL on web browser, save the file as myaqproc_client_ap.wsdl on your local desktop or some folder

Login to Oracle Service Bus 11gR1 Console at http://localhost:7001/sbconsole , Click on Activate Button , Enter the project name as “MyAQProject” then Add Project

You will see project added successfully message

We need to understand some facts , we are trying to call a SOA 11g BPEL process through OSB , that would need 3 resources a WSDL itself and its corresponding 2 XSD Schema files. Select the Project and Add Resource “WSDL”

Select the WSDL that you downloaded and saved on the desktop , to be uploaded here as the resource.

You would see an Error Icon in red, ignore that for now as we are missing the XSDs needed,

Add few more resources of type XML Schema

Add AQProc.xsd and aq_user_message_type.xsd

You would still see the WSDL resource added in red, Go to Edit References , Browse and Add these 2 XSD References

Save , Create a New Resource as Business Service

Transport is selected as http pointing to the Actual Webservice , that we initially copied as URL (see top of this page)

Now that red icon will be gone , and you can see the business service with “Execute” Icon


Testing the OSB Business Service 

Click on the Execute Button ,

Pass the necessary parameters into XML, You will get back the response message , this will write the data into AQ Table .

Since we are also having Dequeue Process running this will also be written into file system by 2nd BPEL process


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