Oracle SOA 11g Mediator


Requirement : This is the Main BPEL process that wires up the earlier two BPEL process that we developed , Mediator helps is transforming and routing the input request to BPEL process 1 ( that writes into DB Adapter based on Approval) or BPEL process 2 ( that writes to File adapter based on Business rule)

Wiring up the bpel processes with mediator

Create a New SOA Project with Mediator,

Select Define Interface Later

Add a web service Adapter , tie up both the BPEL wsdls by giving its corresponding webservice URLs Here are Mediation Rules

If Max Salary is greater than 15000 it calls BPEL Process 1 WS, if max salary less than 15000 then BPEL Process 2 Web service is called

On the left side of composite , that is Exposed Services, Insert Web Service , name it as “receive”

Select the input as Process Request

You can use BPEL Process 2, XSD as input schema for this Webservice

Testing the Main Process End to End

After Deployment From the EM , run the Main Process

After the input test the web service , based on Max salary if greater than 15000, it goes to  BPEL Process 1 , after approval the data is stored in the DB , if less than 15000 it executes a Business rule based on min salary greater than 3000 its written in a file system, if min salary less than 3000 its ignored.


View the RAW XML Data