05 Create Autonomous Analytics Cloud ADW Connection and create Data Visualization


To establish connection between AAC ( Oracle Autonomous Analytics cloud ) and ADW ( Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse ), Import the schema and data , create new Data Visualizations

Connection Parameters

Download Client Credential Wallet zip file , Extract the zip file you will find cwallet.sso which is what we need to create connection

Creating Autonomous Analytics cloud instance is covered in different blog , so we will not cover it here

Copy the Connection String from the ADW UI as shown below

this should give the Host Name, Port Number and Service Name

Use the cwallet.sso in Client Credentials, username will be the user that we previously had created ( adwc_user )

Test the Connection,

Create DataSet and Report

If the connection is successful you should be able to see the data-set as shown below

Select ADWC_USER , from here you should be easily able to select table, then select required columns, add filter conditions and create report

Summary : what we saw is to we did is we created initial client setup of using SQL Developer, Created ADW Instance, Connect this to a SQL Developer , Load Schema, Create OCI Object Storage Bucket, Add data as Objects, Run a PLSQL Block to import this data into DB Tables, Create Connection in AAC to ADF, Import these data set, create visualization as needed, So data is stored in OCI Storage, DWH is actual Database that holds this data and AAC used to build analytics on top of it , In typical production environment you might directly write data into ADW or write data in Object Storage , Use SQL Blocks to import the data in to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse